menu driven DVD style digital delivery

menu driven DVD style digital delivery

What is included?

All of our wedding cinematography packages include a 1 minute Teaser and a 4 to 6 minute Feature Film incorporating the highlights of your day. This film is short enough for you to share via Social Media so that all of your friends and family can enjoy and remain captivated.  However for those who request a longer version of the Feature Film we can certainly accommodate (as an add on) as our company offers every client something unheard of in our industry, just contact us to find out what our secret is.

We feel it is important to capture every angle possible to ensure that your production is cinematic in style and that it rises above just another wedding video, therefore we utilize 3 High Definition DSLR cameras minimum for every ceremony, and 2 for receptions.  New in 2018 we are moving to delivery of your final product via Thumb Drive and Online Delivery.  This will allow us to deliver a High Definition Menu Driven product for your enjoyment.  For those of you who still want the DVD product, we offer that as an add on.

Our Film packages start at $1,995.  

What will your presence be like at our wedding?

Our primary concern is that you and your guests feel comfortable.  We will work with you and your venue to accommodate any and all stipulations and requests.  For our films we typically will have one stationary camera in the rear and 2 roaming cameras on either side for best results. 

How long will it take to finish after filming?

Your finished product can take up to 24 weeks to complete, depending upon the season, however we always deliver in a manner much quicker than this.  Editing a film is more involved than the filming itself.   Many hours go into the process of taking the raw footage of the day and creating a unique product for you to view and enjoy.  We guarantee that it will be worth your wait. 

If you're interested in learning more about our Event Products, please contact us to set up an appointment to meet and get to know us, view our work and discuss in detail what you would like to see in your personalized production.