Video is fast becoming the new item on every marketer’s to do list. Why, you ask? Simply because web video engages, persuades and motivates like no other relevant marketing tool available today, and does so in a relatively short time frame. The ability to show your customers how your product, service, or idea works, how it is used, and how it can solve their problems should be your most effective marketing strategy.  

Specifically in a coorporate marketing segment the goal should be to create engaging presentations that "Tell a Story".  The ability to demonstrate the tangible benefits that your product, service, or idea can offer is "The Power of Video".

Your script (the "what") portion of your video is probably the most important component.  You can utilize the most expensive equipment, or the most popular talent and still not communicate to your audience the ultimate message.  Proper planning is the key to an effective Video Marketing campaign.  

FaseOne can provide you with the expertise and components to assist you with every aspect of your project, from conception to development, to implementation, and ultimately distribution.  At FaseOne we desire to create relationships and an experience, not a product or a service.  Our staff is committed to adopting new techniques and technologies because we understand that this is what enables us to provide value to our clients.